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Search Engine Optimization

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) video is a video that not only will promote your product or service, but also help increase Google rankings for your website and videos. When producing an SEO video, both your title and voice-over need to be key word rich. Key words are the terms your potential clients will be typing into Google in search of your company. One of the main benefits of an SEO video is more traffic to your website, which could potentially lead to more sales.

White Board Animation

White Board Animation has become very popular as an effective way to produce your product, service, or website. Your clients will be able to read important text you have showcased in the video, along with listening to the voice over with the video for twice as much memory recall. They are a great tool to have on the front page of your website, leading many to be intrigued by the video and what it has to say.

Cartoon Video Animation

Who doesn’t enjoy a cartoon style video? They are eye-catching and will draw your customers in at first view. Graphic arts have come a long way with animation since the early 2000s and our videos are nothing short high end quality. Our video editing software allows us to create impressive cartoon based videos which will allow you to showcase your products, your services, or your website with this type of video on your home page, about us page, etc.

Web Video Production

If you’re looking for a video for your website to boost sales, web video production can help with that. As a company, you want to showcase your services to as many customers as possible. We can help with that. Engaging your customers with a web video not only can help sales, but Google as likes to see videos on your website.

Product Video Production

When we design our product videos, we like to tailor them around one specific product from your company to help gain rankings in Google and YouTube. By zoning in on one product, we are able to narrow down key words, and create a script that is Google and YouTube friendly. Usually, companies will choose their most popular product of which they know consumers are already searching for to help draw more traffic onto their website.

Business Video Production

Let us help your business showcase the services and products you offer by creating an awesome overview video of what your company does. This video can range from the products or services you offer to a video explaining who is running the company. Consumers are looking for brands that are reliable, eye-catching and offer great customer service. By creating a Business Video, you’ll be able to explain to those watching why they should choose you over the next company.

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